A Visit

Thought you might like to have a little look at one of our services.

A photo shoot of one of our services. You can't come to us then we will come to you.
You are free to worship the Lord here at Plano Chapel. We let the Lord have his way and we let him direct us in our Services. This is not everyone but, just a little peek. If you are in our area you are welcome to come see us in person.



Pastor Kevin Hinton, preaching                                                 






We praise the Lord in song



Piano Player                                          Organist                                           Guitar Player   

Sis. Peggy Sears                          Sis. Belinda Alexander                     Bro. Daniel Shepherd        




Sis. Windy Hinton                              



             Song Leader                                 Song Leader
        Sis Brittany Atnip                         Sis. Lois Turner