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The following sermons have been preached by the Pastor and other ministers at our church.  We hope they will bless you and will be a help to you. 

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 *  Preacher Sermon  

Bro. Coe Campbell, 
Guest Preacher

Losing All To Gain All

Royce  Bro. Royce Adams  Conquering Your Jericho  
 Bro. Jeremy Childress  No Deposit No Return  

Bro. Daniel Webster

A Fight For The Promise  
 Royce  Bro. Royce Adams  As You Thinketh  
Bro. Tommy Niles Redeemed  
Bro. Daniel Webster Worthwhile Consideration  
  Bro. Tommy Niles The Giant of Unbelief  
   Bro. Daniel Webster  Without Christ You Can Do Nothing  
 Bro. Davy Wilson  Preach The Gospel, Live The Gospel  
Bro. Jackie Stamps When You Find What You’re Looking For  
  Bro. Daniel Webster    Of Your Own Free Will  
   Sis. Schella Smith Empty or Not  
Bro. Davy Wilson  Bound By Our Conditions  
Bro. Jeremy Childress The Man That I Saw  
 Sis. Schella Smith  The Enemy Behind You